Receptionat registration system

Security is a top priority!
Reducing info entry from tens of info fields to less than three, perfect for buildings facility management, business centers, residential compounds, government entry desks, events and exhibitions.
Users: (Visitor, Host, Admin, Building FM, Receptionist, Authorities)

Feature list:

- Notify visited person
- Send location Map
- Calendar invitation
- Parking details displayed on invitation
- Terms and timings of the facility
- Meeting reminders for invitees
- Feedback collection
- Meeting room booking/optional
- Unit unique ID for multiple entrances
- Badge sticker printing/optional
- Preregister visitor by host
- Save visitors in directory for records and future entry
- Preregister courier and delivery company
- Offline & 3G/WIFI and much more…

Front end, user interface

- National ID/Passport and QR code scanner
- Email and contact number fields
- Bilingual interface in one
- Time and date display
- Branding space
- Select from preprepared list of offices/flats
- Select from preprepared list of employees/residents
- Destination address display
- QR code generator/optional

Backend, admin page

- Create account/reception point 
- Set facility information and profile (address, terms and timing)
- Enter invitees list (name, designation and adress)
- Invite guests (entering full details and send invitation with QR code)
- View buildings details and numbers
- View companies and numbers
- View employees and numbers
- View visitors profile and statistics
- Top building visitor's count
- Top compaines visited 
- Analysis in graphs and charts
- Comparasion between facilities
- Multi level of admin (super admin, building admin, entity admin, reception admin)
- 3rd party database integration and much more…

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