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Welcome to Flagship! 

The home of today’s integrated marketing solutions

We promise to impress you with real results!

We are an award-winning creative solutions consultants and a market leader in providing branding, communications, marketing, content and events in digital and traditional formats.

Established in 2002 with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi operating throughout the GCC region with leading affiliations and partnerships with both the Governmental & Private sector.

Why we can?

For these 6 reasons:

  • 1. Creativity
  • 2. Quality
  • 3. Speed
  • 4. Consistency
  • 5. Results driven
  • 6. Turn-key solutions

Let’s explore what services we can offer you in 4 main areas:

  • Branding

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Roadmap
    • Brand Experience
    • Brand Promise
    • Branding Manual
    • Branding Management
  • General Vision Alignment

  • Aligning communication & brand strategy with the overall entity’s vision and mission.

  • Communication Strategy

  • What we aim to communicate is serving what purpose and how we will approach it.

  • Media and PR Strategy

  • Media & PR strategy exercise with local and international media agencies.

  • Tactical Action Plan

  • A step by step plan on how we will execute the strategy within the budget and timelines.

  • Textual writeup, slogan & copy

  • Creative and informative text needed for all distribution channels.

  • Photography & visual assets

  • All visuals of key staff, office and related images which can be used in the website, brochures, etc.

  • Video & motion graphics

  • Animated video graphics that explains the entity’s mission in a visual illustration per guidelines.

  • Digital assets & content

  • Short content clips and posts made for social media channels including advertorials.

  • Campaigns & creative

  • Launch and maintenace campaigns design and stationary artwork and design for all traditional media channels.

  • Events & brand activation

  • Planning and managing virtual and real events, events calendar. registration solutions, on-site support, feedback and assessment.

  • Website (front & backend)

  • Website user interface design, users experience design with the back engine.

  • Digital marketing & advertising

  • Media Campaigns Digital Media Management Digital Media Strategies Marketing funnel  Digital Content Calendars.

  • Social medial & PR

  • Creating, managing and maintaining social media pages with PR channels.

  • Smart solutions & mobile apps

  • Web & Mobile Experience Smart App Development Responsive Designs Technical Support.

  • KPI Analysis

  • Measurement of the all campaigns and communication efforts.

  • Results reports

  • Communication reports, what’s been achieved and future recommendations.

  • Publicity

  • Creating internal and external awareness campaign about the results achieved.

Let’s show you some case studies:

Here is a video showcasing our latest work


Get in-touch and give us a chance to build another success story.