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Flagship is an award winner creative communication solutions provider and a market leader in nurturing and developing flagship projects for many international and regional brands.

We simplify, we make meaning.


Communication strategy and planning


Brand promise, position, values & culture

Corporate Communication

Advertising and awareness campaigns


Copy, video, audio, design and photography

Smart apps

Cross platform mobile smart apps 

Web solutions

Corporate websites and digital platforms

Events & Activation

Event experiecne and brand activation

Corporate Gifts

Creative giveaways design & supply


Good brands need excellent communication, equipped with 25 years of expierence we offer comprehensive communication strategies and plans to uplift your brand to the next level.


Digital is the new face of business! after developing over 200 apps and online platforms we know what it means to build digital presence and sit on the home page of a smartphone.

Events & Activation

Your events are the platform for your custom tangible experience, we activate your brand through an event, roadshow, or exhibition. We design content and deliver beyond your expectations.


Get to know how to build your Brand Experience using the right tools, building your business brand image online inline with your offline activities! 
 "Brand Experience 3.0" 



The ultimate feedback management solution

Starticman Cost gets cheaper the more you use it! Measure market dynamics and custmer feedback as it happens. 


Your event's virtual experience

Manage registration, maps,  information to customer service and much more all with the best user experience on the go.


Visitor's book reinvented!

Security is a top Priority "Receptionat" a smart registration solution for corporate, facility management and security companies. 

Activation Products

Creative solutions for your next event

Bringing you engaging ideas that will keep your brand on top of mind for an unforgetable experience, enjoy the show!

EXplora MUseum

Upgrade your content and exhibitions

Transform your museum visit into an incredible exploration, EXplora MUseum is an interactive touch screen guide conceived to enhance content and exhibitions.